John Axford, savior of the Indians?

So, the Browns apparently still play professional football in the NFL. I think that is the only thing I could say about the last couple of weeks. The Trent Richardson deal looks like a winner thus far, but other than that? We have three mediocre QBs who have very strengths and weaknesses. None of them has the strength of throwing the football well, though.

So, we’ll look at the Hot Stove instead. Cool? Cool.

John Axford is now an Indian for $5 million-ish/1 year.  (Some of the comments to the post suggest he’s under team control for two years, which would imply an option of some kind.) The stats are… overwhelmingly mild. However, the sad part is that “mild” is a marked improvement for the Indians bullpen as is. A BB/9 rate approaching 4 suggests Bob Wickman 2.0. If we are considering Bob Wickman to be Eddie Murphy — which he manifestly is not, as even Kevin will attest — this would the part of the comedy where he takes off the fat suit and reveals that he is the same person. I am not convinced this is a good thing for John Axford (or the Indians), but I AM convinced it’s totally worth the money. So, thumbs up, all!

EDIT: Looks the official terms of the contract are $4.5 million with $1.75 million in performance incentives. I like it.


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