Kevin’s Favorite Science Fiction Shows: #14 — Stargate SG-1

Stargate SG-1

IMDB link

General idea:  wormholes IN SPAAAACE

Interesting because:  This show had a great cast and a lot of good ideas.  Considering that it was built on a mediocre (at best) movie, that’s saying a lot.

Annoying because:  It killed Farscape.

This show is #14 on my list even though I haven’t really seen enough episodes to rate best vs. worst seasons.  It was the kind of show that I’d happen upon while it was in syndication and I enjoyed pretty much every episode I saw.


5 thoughts on “Kevin’s Favorite Science Fiction Shows: #14 — Stargate SG-1

  1. I have to disagree with your tagline. It’s obviously “MacGyver….. IN SPAAAAACE.” I think this is one of the few shows we’ve both seen. If you’re referring to Ben Browder and Claudia Black switching to the last few seasons of StarGate, they did that AFTER Farscape was cancelled, if memory serves.

    • Dang, you got me on that one. I will try better for my next IN SPAAAACE bit.

      If I remember correctly, Stargate and Farscape were on at the same time, but on competing channels (Showtime versus Sci-Fi, respectively). Sci-Fi bought the rights to Stargate at the same time they killed Farscape and (again, this part is from memory) put Stargate in the Farscape time slot.

      • I hadn’t heard that. If true, that makes me even more depressed about Farscape (although, to be fair, I’m not sure where they could have gone from there — w/ the movie I think it ended surprisingly well).

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