Earth:  Final Conflict

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General idea:  space alien colonialism.  Also known as the White Man’s Burden IN SPAAAACE.

Interesting because:  Season 1 was outstanding.  During this time, the Taelons come to Earth, spread good will, and everything seems great.  Under the covers, we find all kinds of mischief.  This blows into open conflict in later seasons, and expands to a fight against the Jaridians.  One of the best parts about this show is that there were factions and politics among all sides, and that the longer the series goes on, the more you want to see a tripartite balance of power with no side (human, Taelon, or Jaridian) really getting the upper hand.

Annoying because:  Then season 5 happened.  The nature of the show changed for the worse and to be honest, I never made it through that season.  Since then, I’ve learned that I probably should take another look at it someday, so maybe I will.

Best season(s):  1, followed distantly by 3

Worst season(s):  5 by a landslide


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