PISA results are out, showing the US pretty low against OECD countries.  Steve Sailer breaks the results down by race.  He shows that when you look at the scores by race, American students tend to be pretty close to the top of their cohorts.  Asians are near the top of all Chinese students (only Shanghai and Hong Kong submit PISA scores) and above Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese students.  Whites are right with the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Ireland.  Hispanics are above Costa Rica, Mexico, and other Latin and South American countries.  And blacks are above the few African and Caribbean nations which took the exam.  The primary reason that the US scores as a whole are low is due to differing racial breakdowns by country.

Sailer has additional breakouts for science, reading, and math.

These results are very similar with his breakdowns of the 2009 test results, indicating a reasonable level of stability in results.


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