“Fie or fly” is the kind of thing William Shakespeare might have written in a bad moment. He would have written this series in one of his better ones. Caprica is the prequel to this show, but while that show was, on the whole optimistic, this show is not. The Cylons, incredibly intelligent robots, rise against humanity in a surprise attack (apropos given the date, no?) and nearly wipe them out. The last 50,000 or so humans get onto a bunch of spaceships and look for the mythical home of humanity: Earth.

Favorite character: William Adama (played by Edward James Olmos). It’s not close. I am not insulting the rest of this magnificent case when I say that — but this is his series, and my goodness, does he have presence. He brings everything together in a way that, in my opinion, no other actor could have done.

Favorite secondary character: Brother Cavill (played by Dean Stockwell). This series makes the most of guest appearances — Lucy Lawless is only shade behind him — but Dean Stockwell tends to get cast in good guy roles. He is not a good guy in this show.

Why the show is here: Hopelessness. Most of the time, when you have a hopeless situation in TV shows or movies, you think ‘I’m sure they’ll do fine!’ I did not think that, for one moment, the first time I saw this. It captures the struggle for survival in a way that no other show has. It tackles almost every important social issue and deals with it maturely.

Why it isn’t number one: Something has to be number two. There’s a minor plot hole or two that really, really bother me, but this is splitting hairs. In a universe without my number one, I would happily make this my number one show without breaking a sweat.


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