My favorite sci-fi TV series of all time, #7: Futurama

We now Quest away from the Sea and into the future with the one and only animated show on this list. Futurama is a creation of Matt Groening, but in many ways (particularly of late), I enjoy it more than the Simpsons. Characters develop and change on Futurama — a rare occurrence on the Simpsons — and it pokes fun at science fiction. What’s not to love? If for some reason you haven’t seen this show yet, the basic premise is that Philip J. Fry (voiced by Billy West) is shot into the future thanks to cryogenics. Hilarity ensues.

Favorite character: Bender (voiced by John DiMaggio). Probably the most over-the-top character Matt Groening ever created; he delights in causing pain to others, but over the course of the series has genuinely fleshed out.

Favorite secondary character: There are only two kinds of human beings on this planet. People who like Dr. Zoidberg (also played by Billy West) and my mortal nemeses. Dr. Zoidberg is fantastic; he’s Dr. Nick taken to his logical extreme.

Favorite moment: Tales of Interest (part 1) and 30% Iron Chef are my two favorite episodes.

Why it’s here: Because it’s hilarious, brilliant, and every so often (thankfully rarely) touching.

Why it’s not higher: Because I hate the pilot episode, which I’ve probably seen a dozen times. We’re also getting closer to that point of the list where I just had to make a choice. The story isn’t good enough to be top 5, but the show is so fantastic it’s definitely top 10.


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