It’s time for the Next Generation of sci-fi shows! Heroes capitalized on the superhero craze of the mid 2000s (which we could say is still going on now). It’s almost entirely ensemble cast, with no clear main characters, and you can make some parallels to Lost if you like. The idea is that there are extraordinary people with extraordinary powers that slowly discover that they have them — and each other. Really tremendous cast (notice a pattern?) with a surprisingly deep story line.

Favorite character: I am a sucker for strong villains (another theme here), and Sylar (Zachary Quinto) is a really terrific one, especially since he didn’t intend to be evil in the first place. Samuel Sullivan (Robert Knepper) was a good runner up, but not as interesting, in my opinion.

Favorite secondary character: Daniel Linderman (played by Malcolm McDowell). I’ve already used Robert Forster once and I didn’t want to use him again. The two men are rivals. but Malcolm McDowell has really settled into a superb guest actor for almost any show you can think of.

Favorite moment: When Milo figures out exactly what his power is, tied with Sylar’s discovery of his own powers. Both react very differently.

Why it’s here: A wonderful concept; just absolutely brilliant. Great special effects, great character development.

Why it’s not higher: The other shows above it are just better. The ensemble cast format doesn’t always work, as no one character sticks out consistently. Milo was irritating most of the time, and my G_d the first few times I heard the Japanese kid’s voice I wanted to strangle him. The time travel segments aren’t always done well, and things get confusing towards the end.


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