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Synopsis: When I was growing up in the late eighties, there were a handful of shows I watched regularly with my parents. Apart from the original Star TrekQuantum Leap was the only sci-fi show. The premise (if you haven’t seen it) is that Samuel Beckett (played by Scott Bakula) is a scientist of some sort, things go horribly wrong, and he’s forced to jump from person to person and timeline to timeline in an attempt to get home. Guiding him is Al (played by Dean Stockwell), who relies on a computer named “Ziggy” to help Sam through his adventures.

Favorite character: Sam. I have to think this show was challenging because he had to play so many different characters in so many different ways. He pulls it off quite well.

Favorite secondary character: Ziggy. Oh, sure, he never speaks, but he was still the thread that kept things together.

Favorite moment: Any time Sam jumped into a woman. He would always act horrified, but I’m pretty sure he secretly liked it.

Why it’s here: Nostalgia, mostly.

Why it’s not higher: It tackled some issues, but always superficially, and emotionally the show was a little weak. I have a sneaking suspicion it probably hasn’t held up well, but I’ve had no chance to watch it again.


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