Obamacare Notes

  • As I always say, the best kind of joy is Schadenfreude.
  • In the “poke them in the eye” category, three college-age kids have put together a functional semi-replacement for HealthCare.gov.  There are two things it doesn’t do:  enroll people or show details on individual plans.  If it did those two things, I’d laugh even harder at the ineptitude of a government which has spent half a billion dollars on a train wreck.
  • Incidentally, when I put in my information on the site, I found out that my health insurance monthly cost would more than double over my current plan, and I’m sure the variables I actually care about (co-pay, deductable, out-of-pocket max, physician selection, etc.) would be worse.  Just wait until the employer mandate kicks in and large swaths of businesses drop their health insurance plans.  If this picks up before November of 2014, Democrats should expect a slaughter in the midterm elections.
  • Things are so bad for Democrats that Obamacare-supporting Mickey Kaus is seeing through the smoke screen.  Kaus pushed hard for Obamacare (although he did not fall for the Peter Orszag-style “bending the cost curve” lie) and notices how poorly Democrats are spinning their utter failure.  But here’s the best part:  Kaus hasn’t yet seen the other shoe drop.  Once the employer mandate kicks in, there will be a much, much larger percentage of people losing their plans and seeing costs (more than) double.
  • As Iowahawk puts it, “Racist extremist wants to ignore settled law and gut signature achievement of beloved inspiring historic president.”  I’m waiting for Harry Reid to call out President Obama as a racist extremist for wanting to change the Law of the Land.
  • Out:  Sarah Palin is an idiot for thinking that Obamacare would lead to death panels.  In:  of course Obamacare has death panels; death panels are awesome!
  • Remember when the Obama administration claimed they didn’t have enrollment figures?  Ha, well, they were just lying.  They lied because of how pathetic the numbers are.
  • In happy news, Steven Hayward says Obamacare will be dead by the 2014 midterm elections and that vulnerable Democrats will be the ones to stick the knife in.

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