More HealthCare.Gov Incompetence

You’d think that the reason this failed was because a small number of House Republicans willed it to, rather than (off the top of my head and therefore necessarily incomplete):

  1. systemic flaws in the technocratic system
  2. a number of bloated bureaucracies
  3. a lack of business acumen in the administration
  4. a lack of IT talent in the federal government
  5. the absurd nature in which a half-written bill full of “the secretary of HHS will change this later” boilerplate was supposed to turn into actual business requirements for a huge application
  6. the sheer horror of trying to integrate dozens of antiquated IT systems into a responsive website
  7. general government corruption and cronyism.

Even if Republicans were gung-ho on this law, the result would still have been an abysmal failure.  And I say good on them for doing everything they could to prevent this monstrosity from rolling out.


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