Back From PASS Summit

PASS Summit just ended and it was exactly what I needed.  I’ve decided to make a few resolutions for the next year.  In particular, my plan is to

  1. Learn BIML.  This is a key technology and the next step in becoming a great SSIS developer.
  2. Get back on Twitter.  SQL Server has one of the best Twitter communities and my having been out of the loop for more than three years has cost me.
  3. Re-write my ETL processes, making them more robust and higher-quality code.  There were a few talks which showed me just what I need to do, so it’s time to put all of that into action.
  4. Go back to PASS Summit net year.  It will be in Seattle, so I’d have to fly rather than drive, but even if I pay for everything out of pocket again, it’ll be totally worth it.  This time, I’ll register before December 7th to get the early bird deal and offset the cost of a ticket.

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