Brandon Weeden: Still not that bad

So, the Browns lost yesterday. Who was to blame? Why, as a friend of mine stated, it must have been the QB.


Quick — which of these QBs won the game?

Player A: 25/43, 248 yds, 5.1 YPA, 1 INT

Player B: 26/43, 292 yds, 6.8 YPA, 2 INT

Give up? Player A, obviously, is Matt Stafford. (I left out the TD passes or it would have been too easy.)

The Browns lost 31-17. Why? Without watching the game (in Russia, yadda yadda yadda), I know what that score means.

The defense laid an egg. None of the turnovers went back for TDs, so you can’t blame Weeden for that. Of Stafford’s four TDs, THREE WERE TO THE TIGHT END. He’s a rookie. That is a serious problem.

I’m actually not unhappy — the Browns are still 3-3 (and it feels really weird to type that). Detroit is a good offensive team. Them’s the breaks.


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