Global Not-So-Warmening

Steve Hayward has been one of the most interesting people on the topic of global warming climate change.  Here’s a quick and recent compendium:

  • We should never ask questions about why the IPCC models have been so far off.  Of course, even the IPCC admits that “The ability of a climate model to make future climate projections cannot be directly evaluated. . .”  Bet that statement didn’t make it into the 30-page summary.  Actually, it didn’t even make the final report; instead, a separate one did which still points out the failings of the global warming crowd:  if we can’t look at trends of less than 30 years with any accuracy, this also means that everybody advocating Action Now! were absolutely wrong to do so, as they were basing their information off of mis-aligned models (which later turned out to be wrong in one direction) and short-term trends.  These people should therefore go away for another 15 years or so, according to their logic.
  • To the extent that global warming is a thing, it carries some nice benefits, including longer growing seasons.


Here’s a bonus reaction via John Hinderaker, who notes that the IPCC report is full of lies.

This has always been about self-interested scientists, politicians, and hucksters (like carbon king Al Gore) getting theirs at the expense of everybody else.  The explains the corruption and the complete shutdown of anybody opposed to the idea that the government should spend lots of taxpayer money funding the self-same scientists, politicians, and hucksters as the only hope against this imminent threat.


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