Is G_d a jerk?

Scott Adams continues to be not only consistently funny (rare for cartoonist), but consistently thought-provoking, as with his latest blog entry.

The distinction here is subtle but important. There is a big difference between saying somebody has unknowable motives (or at least motives which are impossible to understand) and having no motives at all. On a personal epistemological level, the distinction is meaningless. That is, to me, if there is a deity of some kind floating around up there, no motives and unknowable motives are tantamount to the same thing. I don’t know why things are happening to me in either case. Adams isn’t asking about how this applies to people personally, though, but about the very nature of a higher power. To me, that’s why it’s so fascinating.

One of the commenters did make a good point — that not all personality traits come from personality defects — but it’s largely a question of perspective.


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