New Strategy: Exile

One way of getting an Obamacare waiver (other than being an Obamacare-supporting Democrat who spent money foisting this travesty upon the American people) is to live abroad.  This waiver is not necessarily a bad thing—after all, the policies that the government would force Americans to buy would not actually cover them—but guess which part of the PPACA actually explains that these people are exempt.  That’s right:  none of it!  So the IRS arbitrarily decides who should and should not follow the law.

Democrats are walking a fine line here.  What is to stop a Republican executive from doing exactly what Democrats do and refuse to enforce the law when it is not in their ideological interest?  The partisan in me sees an opportunity to mitigate somewhat the entitlement train wreck, but the conservative in me is dismayed at this continued violation of the rules of the game.


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