Pwn Pad

One of the things I was most excited about at Derbycon was the Pwn Pad, by Pwnie Express.  The Pwn Pad comes in two parts:  the hardware side and the software side.  The software side is a full Ubuntu image designed for a first-generation Nexus 7 (which I happen to have) and includes a nice array of penetration testing tools, including tools such as Tshark, Kismet, Metasploit, and SET.  To interact with the outside world, they offer a few accessories.  I was able to buy a TP-Link wireless USB adapter from them, but they were all out of the other items at the time.  They don’t have a quick listing of all of the hardware that makes up a Pwn Pad, but I found a link elsewhere which does.

This has the potential to be an outstanding project and it’s great that the Pwnie Express folks are planning to release fairly regular code updates.


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