I can now tell the difference between an AR-15 and a Glock.  Time for me to start working as a journalist.

Bonus point:  the gun manufacturers don’t want you to know this, but a magazine and a clip are the same thing.  Also, when you shoot somebody, they disappear and clips (which are the same as magazines) appear.  It doesn’t matter if that person was firing a totally different gun, didn’t have a gun at all, or wasn’t even a person; they’ll have clips.


2 thoughts on “Firearms Identification

  1. I hate to tell you this — technically speaking, a clip and a magazine are not the same thing. (This is because “clip” is a bullshit word popularized by Hollywood.) A magazine is, specifically, the plastic bit in which ammunition is contained — the “clip” is the actual ammo. So, if I have a rifle and empty the clip, I still have the magazine (so that I could load more ammunition into it later). This, of course, is avoided when you don’t use the word “clip.”

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