Curmudgeonly Notes

  1. Pete Spiliakos likes Mike Lee’s tax plans.  He really likes them.  Politically speaking, this is a good route for Republicans to go down, especially given their reputation as being the party of the rich (although the real irony is that the Democrats are the true party of the rich).  I’d personally prefer a head tax but the chances of that going through are nil.
  2. You know those stories about how women earn 70-odd cents on the dollar compared to men?  Maybe if the Obama administration didn’t hate women so much, that’d be different.  [Trolling is fun sometimes.]
  3. It’s only taxpayer money.  Good thing we’re using Smart Financing (from the people who brought you Smart Diplomacy).
  4. In addition to Smart Financing and Smart Diplomacy, we have Smart Energy, in which the US willingly throws away yet another valuable energy source.  This administration is so Smart, Joe Biden has to be running it.

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