Okay, I’ve had some time to think now

Here’s a collection of writers and what they think about the trade of Trent Richardson.

–Dawgs by Nature was almost entirely negative.

— Deadspin’s Tom Ley was too.

Both these writers make essentially the same points. “How can you trade an RB picked #3 overall?” “Trent Richardson wasn’t their guy.” “The Browns are throwing in the towel.”

Jamison Hensley is, if possible, even more pessimistic than I am. Hensley’s opinion is it’s strictly a personality thing (i.e., Trent Richardson isn’t “their” guy.)

The one truly positive voice about the trade was Terry Pluto.  He makes a couple of decent points; namely, emphasizing Trent Richardson’s injury history and his lack of elite speed. The stat he mentioned that really surprised me was that Richardson had exactly two runs of more than 20 yards. Now, of course, he’s only played one season in the NFL. Still, that’s not encouraging.

Mary Kay Cabot, as usual, stuck to the facts with little in the way of opinion. She did add something I hadn’t read before: Trent Richardson openly criticized the coaching staff during the last game. That’s not a good move, it would seem.

Barry Petcheskey (also of Deadspin) was even more positive than Terry Pluto, noting how replaceable running backs are.

After reading all of these, I’m less panicky, but I still don’t like the move. It’s too risky. If for some reason we don’t get the QB we want next year, that would effectively mean we pissed away the season for no good reason.

The one X factor? Willis McGahee will be signed by the Browns if he passes a physical. It’s been a while since he’s been an every down back. He’s had only one season of more than 170 carries since 2007.

We’ll just have to see, I guess. You know who I feel the worst for? Brandon Weeden. There couldn’t be a clearer signal to him that “You aren’t our guy either, buddy.”


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