DBA Notes

Here are some articles and links that I’ve finally gotten around to reading…

  • Paul White points out the problem with using windowing functions in views.  I’ve more or less stopped using views for anything other than simple rights management for applications.  Encapsulation in SQL Server is just too hit-or-miss to run the risk of hitting a performance problem like the one Paul points out.
  • Allen White shows us how to test database restores with Powershell.  Automating database restoration testing is a vital part of a backup strategy because you’re only as good as your latest valid backup.
  • Something I didn’t know about most NoSQL database platforms is that they’re more resource-intensive than relational database systems.
  • Markus Winand points out two problems with ORMs:  the N+1 problem and how they typically do not use covering indexes.  Depending upon your ORM, you might run into a third problem as well:  decreased performance due to ad hoc execution plans.

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