This is just getting ridiculous.

Vladimir Putin calls John Kerry a liar (with no response from President Obama) and subsequently latches onto Kerry’s Mr. Magoo Diplomacy with a promise that Syria would hand over chemical weapons if the US calls off its unbelievably small strike and the Obama administration emasculates itself.  Paul Mirengoff isn’t very happy about this; he’s come out as a supporter of action against Syria and sees this as backsliding on the Obama administration part and a phony offer from Putin.  Paco strikes the right tone with his official Smart Diplomacy poster.

On the plus side, we’re seeing Democrats and leftists admit that the UN is a waste of time and that “going it alone” can be a good idea (although the Iraq war was certainly not “going it alone” and our then-Secretary of State could actually name US allies committed to action).

Jim Manzi, meanwhile, makes a lot of sense.

In the meantime, where are all the anti-war protestors?  I was on Duke campus about a week and a half ago and saw maybe eight of them.  Lefties must have found out that driving tanks through stuff is pretty cool after all, at least when the guy who wants to blow stuff up has a “D” after his name.  I want to see papier-mache heads of President Obama, stupid slogans on signs, and all of the crazies we loved to see during the Bush administration.  It’s not like these people have jobs and responsibilities now; President Obama made sure of that.  Anyhow, Paco also notes the relative lack of crazy lefties saying stupid things.


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