A couple of months ago, I bought an UpDesk for my home office.  Here’s a quick product review.

The particular model that I bought is 6′ long, and I use it for two separate computers.  One computer is my primary home computers, with 4 monitors in a grid.  The other is my primary work computer, with two monitors and a laptop.  The desk is wide enough for all of my monitors, so that’s a huge plus.

The biggest advantage to using an UpDesk is that you can easily move between different heights.  It’s a good idea not to stand all the time, just like it’s a good idea not to sit all the time; the best plan is moderation.  This is the best part about the UpDesk for me:  I have programmed two different heights, one which is just right for when I’m sitting and another for when I’m standing.  When I want to sit down, I push the right button (to tell the new height) and then hold the up or down arrow to adjust the desk itself.  Switching from ~28″ up to 42.8″ takes approximately 10-15 seconds, so it’s not instantaneous, but when you switch three or four times a day, it’s not really that big a burden.

There are a couple of disadvantages to using an UpDesk.  The biggest one for most people is probably the lack of storage:  unlike a standard sit-down desk, you don’t get any filing cabinet space.  In my case, I actually prefer this because it allows me to move between computers, sitting or standing at either my home or my work setup without bumping into anything or contorting my legs while sitting.  To compensate for this, I have filing cabinets and side desks around my UpDesk.  The other disadvantage is the price:  you can find a similar-style, non-hydraulic desk for about 10-15% of the cost ($100-150 instead of $1000), but then you don’t get the ability to move the desk up and down.

I’m very happy with this purchase and would definitely do it again.  It looks like UpDesk has come out with a new model which is even better than the one I purchased.  If you do end up purchasing an UpDesk, definitely get a good anti-fatigue floor mat.  I’ve noticed a huge difference when I use it while I’m standing versus standing barefoot on carpet.


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