Latest enemy: Congress?

I got this article on Facebook. Sequestration — instead of a new, reasonably compact budget — is the worst of all possible worlds. Military hardware is nice, but I don’t care how many M-16s and tanks you have if nobody is shooting them/driving them. Why is the GOP supporting this, which is usually not something they would?

Because of the mid-term elections. The purpose of being elected Congress in the twenty-first century is to stay in Congress. Full stop. Genuine reform, in my estimation, has to begin with one thing:

Term limits for Congressmen. We’ll say three for Reps and two for Sens (so it’s a nice 12 years for each).

Don’t get me wrong — I would rather we do nothing than to rush to judgment. However, sequestration directly affects one of the most fundamental purposes of government: keeping us safe. I’m not saying the budget doesn’t need cutbacks — I’m saying they shouldn’t be unilaterally opposed for the sake of making sure GOPs win a bunch of seats in a year and the Presidency in 2016.


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