Ignorance (Or Worse)

John McCain and Jeff Flake apparently haven't read their own immigration bill. My favorite fix for this problem remains the same:  quiz elected officials, and only if they get a certain number of questions right would their Yea votes count.  This would cut at least two votes off of the pro-amnesty side, given current behavior.


Equal Footing

This is a good start.  Now make all government officials follow the same laws that we have to.  If we're lucky, we'll see Obamacare shrink the government sector just like it's shrunk the private sector...

This is brilliant

I am probably 36 Chambers' resident expert on all matters board-gamery. Therefore it is my privilege -- nay, my duty -- to share this brilliant article. You're welcome.

Ballmer To Retire

Steve Ballmer is planning to retire as Microsoft's CEO.  ZDNet has the low-down on many of the top candidates. In the "would never happen" category, I nominate Scott Guthrie.  He's done a great job teaching about the various technologies he's been involved with, and has a good track record in the development sphere.

Abuse Of Power

People at the NSA abuse their power.  People at the IRS abuse their power (Lois Lerner, anyone?).  This has been the government's theme the last several years, and has been happening far too often for us to be able to chalk it up simply to a few rogue agents.  This is endemic of the modern…

Upcoming Events

The next few months will be pretty busy for me.  Here's a quick schedule of what I'll be doing. Presentations Sometime in the next three months, I'll present on tally tables to the Triangle area PASS chapter.  This presentation should be a good one---I have seven examples of how to use tally tables, all of…

Living Wages

Do as they say, not as they do. And maybe one of these days, The Nation magazine will pay as well as Wal-Mart.  They'll never be as valuable to people as Wal-Mart, though, but that's simply asking for too much.

Latest enemy: Congress?

I got this article on Facebook. Sequestration -- instead of a new, reasonably compact budget -- is the worst of all possible worlds. Military hardware is nice, but I don't care how many M-16s and tanks you have if nobody is shooting them/driving them. Why is the GOP supporting this, which is usually not something…