Gaming update

I briefly thought about posting a long article about Bioshock Infinite’s ending, but reconsidered because of my target audience (Kevin), who I am 100% certain has not even played Bioshock despite owning it for quite some time. I will say that it’s as controversial as Mass Effect 3’s ending, although not as reviled. I’ve been hurrying up and finishing all of my PS3 games before I leave for Russia, so I’ve also finished Uncharted 3 (also excellent, if not quite as emotionally ravaging). Both are highly recommended.

Also, since it’s been officially released (and my name is in the credits!) I can admit that I was a beta tester for Victoria 2’s expansion, Heart of Darkness.

I don’t have any brilliant articles planned after a burst of creativity a few days ago — hopefully something will come to me. In the meantime, Kevin will give you a steady diet of politics/economics/DBA-ing.


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