The Right To Bear Cyber-Arms

Hmm…I didn’t even get through the title without using the “C” word…

Jack Daniel has an interesting bit of weekend theorizing.  He asks if “weaponized software” could possibly fall under the aegis of the second amendment.  This is particularly interesting because the military is treating certain software packages as weapons.

Given the terms of the debate and makeup of the people who would end up making these decisions (such as the Supreme Court), I believe the answer probably would be “no.”  It is, nevertheless, something interesting to think about.

Daniel also points toward a Jack Whitsitt article on the topic.


One thought on “The Right To Bear Cyber-Arms

  1. Hi, this is Jack (Whitsitt)…just following a pingback (thank you). What I find interesting about the topic is the role of cyber tools being used as weapons, their impacts on defending or limiting free speech/search and seizure, etc…are all being played out in effect whether the Supreme Court agrees or not. My advice regarding and advocacy of the conceptual connection is, beyond the legal specifics, to take a lesson from the past and what led to the Bill of Rights and proactively secure your rights now.

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