The Gift That Keeps On Screwing Us Over

The “affordable” care act will raise individual market insurance 32%.  Expect premiums to skyrocket even more than they already have, and given the companies which are restructuring work to prevent paying for health benefits (0r simply dropping them altogether), that 32% increase will hit quite a few more people than it might have a few years back.  Ohio’s rates are predicted almost to double.  Good thing Obamacare made this stuff more affordable; otherwise, we’d be in real trouble!

Jay Cost notes that smart Republicans could still have some leverage to remove some of the negative aspects of Obamacare.  Too bad those people probably won’t get much airtime.

Slightly less cynical, Paul Mirengoff wonders if perhaps Obamacare will lead to a change in the way that state governments work with the federal government.  Up until now, Congress and the President have been able to make state governments take certain actions or else these state governments would lose large amounts of federal funding.  Obamacare may well be the instigator for pushback from state governments.

And whichever Republican wants to be President in 2017 needs to hire Pete Spiliakos, among others.


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