2 thoughts on “Bureaucratic Overlords Today

  1. Herman Cain got made fun of for insisting all bills be three pages long (since the Constitution is longer), but I still think a reasonable limit (20 pages? I’m not a lawyer, but that seems good to me), if imposed, would do everybody a world of good.

    1. Remember that Obamacare wasn’t nearly that long to begin with; this includes all of the executive “explanations” and implementation details that Congress completely ignored. This kind of thing would destroy any hard limit to the length of a bill.

      My preferred solution is to quiz Congressmen on bills before they vote. If they get a certain percentage of questions wrong, their vote does not count. Like any good test-taking institution, they would not be allowed to have any materials nearby and any cheating would automatically disqualify them. I would want to combine this with an attitude which does not foist off Congress’s responsibility to the Executive branch; this would strengthen the cause of easy-to-understand, non-garbage legislation.

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