I am not the 36 Chambers wrestling aficionado; that would be our resident Penguatroll.  When I read this Big Hollywood article about a Tea Party wrestling villain, my first question was “Wait, this doesn’t make sense.  Wouldn’t most pro wrestling fans be right-of-center to the extent that they’re political?”  After checking out a very helpful graph via Steve Sailer, it all clicked for me.  Wrestling fans are remarkably non-political, but a huge percentage of the ones who are political tend to be left-leaning.  Sailer also has a rather old article (dating back to 2001) explaining why this should not have been surprising to me.

The More You Know.

One thought on “Surprising, But For An Unexpected Reason

  1. You may be reading too much into this; the character was introduced in Arizona, I want to say, and they haven’t left Texas for a while. Since they just turned a Mexican babyface (Alberto Del Rio), an immigrant hating mouthpiece for an extremely talented but uncharismatic wrestler is a good call. Most WWE audience root how Vince/HHH wants them to root — John Cena is a glaring exception, and even then it’s a big city/”smark” city thing.

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