Are Republicans Interested In A Libertarian Candidate?

Rand Paul thinks so.  If Rand Paul wants to be a serious libertarian candidate (rather than a grandstander or clown), I’m all for it.  Even if I end up preferring another candidate in 2016, I want there to be a thoughtful, libertarian-minded candidate on stage at debates, keeping the other candidates honest and pulling off at least a couple of victories.  Ron Paul was not that candidate—instead, he was the crank that everybody picked on (for good reason) back in 2008 and most people simply ignored in 2012.  I had hoped that Gary Johnson would have done better, but that campaign didn’t work out so well, either…

Going back to the question in the subject of this post, I think the answer is “Maybe, if there aren’t any foreign policy crises.”  That’s usually when libertarian-minded candidates start putting their feet in their mouths in the eyes of the Republican base.

Random conspiracy theory of the day:  Ron Paul has gone to cloud cuckoo land on purpose, in order to make his son seem more reasonable in comparison.

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