Searching For The 47%

James Pethokoukis notes that Republicans really need to get back into urban areas.  To some extent, there’s brand damage, but to an even larger extent, there’s a lack of brand awareness.  Ask your typical urban type what the Republican Party stands for and you’ll get a fairly inaccurate stereotype (at best).

The solution for Republicans is not to move to the left as a whole or try to elect centrist candidates in these areas.  Instead, as Pethokoukis notes, conservatives in these areas (what few there are)  should find common ground with persuadable individuals.  More importantly, advertise better.  A thirty-second ad run fifty times on TV two weeks before an election isn’t a going to persuade very many people, especially people who don’t have an understanding of conservative and Republican arguments.  There are two simple reasons:  first, the shortcuts an advertisement must necessarily take will necessarily reduce the ad’s efficacy in non-target audiences; and second, these people will watch the ad (at most) once and switch channels the other 49 times.

Culture doesn’t happen once every four years.  As always, Pete Spiliakos is a must-read on this topic.

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