LPIC-1 Successful

I successfully completed the LPIC-1 certification exam on Friday.  Although I don’t use Linux in a work environment, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have this.

The single biggest resource I used to pass this exam was the Paul Paulito webcast series.  The sample exams alone are worth the price—a huge number of my LPI-102 exam questions were very similar to questions I encountered in the Paul Paulito sample exams.

In addition to that, I spent a lot of time reading two books.  The first book is entitled A Practical Guide to Linux, by Mark Sobell.  It’s nearly eight years old now, but the stuff Sobell covers hasn’t really changed.  And it turns out that there’s a third edition which was released last year, with a few great additions (that aren’t really relevant to LPIC-1).

The other book I went through was Linux Fundamentals, an open source book which gets updated regularly.  This book has a great deal of overlap with Sobell’s book, but is designed as classroom material, so you have a few pages of text, a number of questions to do, and then answers to those questions.  I used it primarily as a way of internalizing the things I learned in other sources.


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