Yuval Levin has a couple of excellent points regarding Obamacare:  first, that there’s a huge, government-induced moral hazard problem; and second, that its timeline is unworkable.  Regarding the timeline, this is something that will get pushed back over and over, given the way government IT projects tend to go.  Even if there are states which go live at the deadline, the end results will be saddening.

Mickey Kaus, meanwhile, notes some of his readers who have skepticism regarding the idea that electronic medical records will lower costs.  Having doctors enter in patient information (as opposed to the current system, in which they dictate their notes and have specialists transcribe the notes) will be a significant cost increase in itself:  you’re paying hundreds of dollars an hour for sub-par secretaries.  Add to that the cost of locking into crummy EMR solutions and we have yet another situation in which the government picking winners and losers leaves consumers as the losers.


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