I’d vote for this guy if I could.  I am all for eliminating unnecessary government positions.

Here’s an interesting idea that I’m throwing out for consideration:  take any executive position not explicitly defined in a state or national constitution (in other words, not a President, Vice President, Governor, etc.).  We could then introduce a suicide clause:  any person may take over the executive position given that this person has a workable plan to dismantle the position within two years.  If, at the end of two years, the position is not dismantled, we punish the transgressor in some fashion stringent enough to keep unserious candidates from attempting to get two years of government bacon—maybe we fine the person 100% of the executive wage they earned and 20% of all future income.

The difficulty might be in defining what is a ‘workable’ plan.  I’d suggest a committee of people, but it’d be pretty obvious that this committee would be one of the first suicides…


One thought on “A Sound Plan

  1. Your proposal has merit, but I don’t know if I’m quite comfortable with dismantling all executive posts not included in the constitutions. That would get rid of most of the cabinet, for example, and no one man can replace them. Is your idea to place Cabinet level posts with legislative committees?

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