So, for a while now, the Browns have been looking for a new coach. They got one in Rob Chudzinski, but the real favorite was Chip Kelly, formerly coach at Oregon. Chip Kelly interviewed with Philly and Cleveland, said “I’m going back to Oregon, you guys suck.” Thus, the Browns end up with Chud.

I wake up today and read this.

Here’s what makes me hate him. It’s not the standard “Well, I can’t be trusted” BS. It just seems to me like maybe Chip never wanted the Browns job in the first place and used Cleveland to jack up the price for Philly. The Browns were ready to hire him, but he claimed he was going back to Oregon, so the Browns hire Chud. Then, magically, Chip Kelly does a triple cross (maybe quadruple cross) and signs with Philly. Bill Livingston thinks the Browns screwed up somehow. I don’t. I think this was deliberate. Maybe this makes me sound like a conspiracy nut. (Okay, I probably am in this one instance.) Nonetheless, Chip Kelly, you made the list.


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