A few SQL Server notes on the passing scene:

* Maria Zakourdaev has a great roundup of analytical databases.
* Simon Sabin shares his technique for trying to do clean ETL loads.  Along with that, he shares a Connect item which could potentially be awesome.  The problem is that, as the comments show, this is something that the people at Microsoft need to think over in considerable detail.  Different people have different thoughts on how what the table structure should look like and how exactly it should work.  I think this would be an awesome feature in the next version of SQL Server, but given the Microsoft reluctance to back out from old decisions, they need to do it the right way.
* Nic Cain rants about SCCM.  Microsoft is a huge company, but here’s one thing I really wish they would do:  have their vendor-style database products go through the SQL Server team, or at least qualified database administrators.  SCCM and Sharepoint are two big examples of big, popular products which fall flat when it comes to the SQL Server side of things.


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