• Holes in the GPS system.  We’ve known about them for a while, so I’m not sure how catastrophic this latest one is.
  • Don’t click stuff, QR code edition.  I wonder if anybody actually uses QR codes in practice.  Considering that doing this on my phone or tablet would be like blind-clicking random links on the security equivalent of a Windows 98 machine, I don’t.
  • Numbers of some minor import.
  • A laughable article on The Cloud.  Regarding point #1, if bank robberies were as common as online data breaches, banks certainly wouldn’t exist in their current form.
  • Somebody has to pad an article…  I probably shouldn’t link to any posts regarding predictions out of principle.  It’s not like any of these predictions are necessarily bogus, and some of them are essentially “things will continue to proceed apace,” so they don’t seem far-fetched.

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