The End Of Microsoft?

It must be DOOOOOOOM! week here…  Business Insider points out that long-term trends for Microsoft might be headed south.

Given the trend for internet traffic, there is a chance here, but if Microsoft does go down, it will be after a long time; I see them still dominating the desktop and laptop markets (which are still important once you actually want to do something other than surf the web and tweet) simply because there aren’t any viable alternatives for most people.


Indians acquire Trevor Bauer, assorted dregs, for Choo, assorted dregs

Here’s the rundown from Paul Hoynes.

If you clear the riffraff, the trade boils down to Choo for Bauer. The other three guys the Indians picked up are a pair of flamethrowing relievers — useful but fungible — and Drew Stubbs. Drew Stubbs is a terrible, terrible hitter but supposedly a fine center fielder. The defensive statistics suggest that, until last year, he was well above average.

Bauer is the key to deal. Apparently, Arizona doesn’t like his mechanics, which is disconcerting. Still, he’s shot through their system quickly, and his minor league stats look pretty good. Was it worth a year of Choo?


I think so. Choo almost certainly wouldn’t have re-signed. He’ll get a huge raise from some lucky team in a year. The Indians badly needed pitching help, and Bauer has all sorts of potential. My gut reaction is cautious optimism.