3 thoughts on “Quit Stalin’

  1. It all comes down to how you define responsibility for mass murder.

    1. If it’s “people killed personally by Stalin”, he’s not a mass murderer. Then again, Hitler wouldn’t be under this definition either.
    2. The 20-40 million number is, however, equally wrong. The Purges are more or less established, in terms of numbers, at around 750,000 – 800,000 dead, very few of whom Stalin ordered dead personally. (There’s a lot of opportunism during the purges; hey, I want that guy’s job, so I’ll claim he’s a not good Communist and take it.) You only come up with 20-40 million if you blame Stalin for World War II; I don’t. His policies probably killed more Soviets than they had to, but if any one person is responsible for World War II, it’s Hitler.
    3. If you quantify “Stalin is a mass murderer” as “Stalin personally ordered the deaths, or caused the deaths indirectly, of a whole shit ton of people?” 100% true.
    4. Here’s the hack’s webpage: http://msuweb.montclair.edu/~furrg/. Note they don’t actually let him teach anything even remotely close to actual Russian history.

    1. On the 20-40 million number, I remember the bulk of that number coming from estimated deaths due to mass starvation (Ukranian mass starvation in particular being seen as a policy decision on Stalin’s part) and gulag-related deaths. I also remember the number being closer to 10 million, even with Polish and East German massacres.

      1. The Ukrainian famine is a touchy subject, even today, and I don’t have a good answer for you. Yes, Stalin’s policy resulted in it, but it wasn’t intentionally genocide in my view: it was about getting the food where it needed to be, and since there were no consumer goods to buy, they took the goods at gun point essentially.

        What’s the 10 million you’re referring to?

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