I have taken my first certification exam in my current plan.  The result is that I now have my first Microsoft-related certification.

From here, my eight-month plan is pretty hectic but fairly well filled-out:

November through January:  study for LPIC-1 101.  It doesn’t directly relate to my job, but I’d like to get some Linux certifications in there to balance out my Microsoft-centric resume.  I would probably take this exam at the end of January.

January and February:  study for 70-461.  I might be able to do all of this in less than a month, given that it’s right in my wheelhouse.  I’d expect to take this before the end of February.

February, March, and early April:  study for 70-463.  Of the three MCSA exams, this is my relatively weakest topic.

April and May:  study for LPIC-1 102.  That way, I can get my LPI-1 certification.

May through July:  study for my CEH.  Like I mentioned before, I think this is an introductory cert, and so given where I’m at now, there is some value in me pursuing it.


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