A second American Civil War…

… is not going to be the response to these lovely online petitions. Legally, the White House has to respond if there are 25,000 signatures, and Texas is already over the limit. Texas may be viable economically if it were to secede, but I honestly think Obama’s response will be along the lines of “lol Texas.”

There is no legal right to secede in the Constitution. None. Want to argue it’s implied? It isn’t: the Civil War handled that. Louisiana’s pretty close too, although Texas may be economically viable as independent (whereas Louisiana is not).

Look, I’m not delighted Obama won, but revisiting the worst crisis in American history is probably not the best way to register your opposition.


2 thoughts on “A second American Civil War…

  1. Brian says:

    Nobody thinks that these petitions would result in Obama agreeing to allow states to leave the union. Not even those of us who signed it. The purpose was more about sending a message to liberal politicians. Conservatives, like myself, see a president who has vilified us, while proclaiming the death of conservative politics, through demographics. In other words, the left wants to breed us out. it aint gonna happen. You make a big mistake, when you mock red states as too unsophisticated to have a viable economy or government. If the country splits, where do you think the job creators, risk takers and military are gonna go? A economy killing statist model or a business friendly model? The only people that will be in blue states, will be illegal aliens, professional victims, the lazy, the dumb and worst of all, Obama. Who will pay for their socialist entitlements? Blue states wont last 6 months without conservatives.

    • Brian,

      I, too, am a conservative. I am not impugning these states for being conservative (and not all of them are). If it’s about sending a message, fair enough.

      Note that I said nothing about a lack of sophistication — it’s much simpler than that; a lack of resources and/or population. A business model is meaningless if, for example, Delaware secedes from the Union. It can’t practically survive. It would probably be poorer than Haiti.

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