99 Lifehacks

Via the Brent Ozar Unlimited mailing list, 99 lifehacks.

Some of them are pretty good.  I’m using binder clips on my broken keyboard at work.  It’s not ideal, but better than a flat keyboard.

By the way, the Brent Ozar Unlimited website update is definitely an improvement.  Granted, I’m almost always coming in through the RSS feed, but now it looks like a consulting firm with a blog rather than a blog with a consulting firm.  One of these days, I will have to steal their ideas…

Well, not really steal.  But I’m already (slowly) trying to follow their lead:  give presentations, answer questions, (slowly) build up my brand, and give away enough content to get people to pay me large amounts of money.


Thoughts on the Browns’ season thus far

Since we’re starting Week 9, I thought I’d give my take on the Browns. 2-6 is certainly not the best possible record, but it’s reasonably decent. Trent Richardson is a beast; Brandon Weeden is perfectly serviceable. I really, really hope the Browns do not snag a QB in the next draft. Wide receiver, elite pass rusher, a DB to pair with Joe Haden, all of these are great ideas.

I’m really excited to see Phil Taylor back this week; if we can start stopping the run (thanks for nothing, Frostee Rucker), I think we’ll see more progress. I have no illusions of even reaching .500 this year, but I’ll settle for 6 wins. Even that will be a tall order; the only win I’m fairly certain of is KC. The really good news is that we’ve been competitive all year; we’ve only lost by more than 10 points once. Tomorrow’s game will say a lot. If Cleveland can even slow down Ray Rice, we’ve got a real shot at putting up two in a row.