Index Comparison Made Slightly Easier

I released a new application last night:  the Index Comparer.  There are a few working parts to it, most importantly a core library and a WPF application which sits on top of that.

The WPF application is available as a direct download, as is the business library DLL.  Both are available from the link above.  The code is also available in a Github repo, so that should help anybody who wants to extend it.

Right now, I’m looking at adding a quick bit of functionality to automate comparisons, likely using Powershell.  The upside is that you could then automatically generate the comparisons at regular intervals, centralizing all of this data into one server without using linked servers or OPENQUERY.  The downside is that Powershell users wouldn’t get the spinning ball while the process is running…

Incidentally, Michelle Ufford just recently released a very similar tool.  Her tool is a T-SQL script which you can then feed into a table and perform comparisons, so go check it out as well.  I just started working on my version just a few days before she released hers, so I think we’re both hitting on something that isn’t readily available to most people using Management Studio or even comparison tools like those built into Visual Studio.

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