Good Job, Harper Government

The Conservatives in Canada have finally rid that nation of its noxious Section 13.

Now Ezra Levant is looking at his next target:  broadcast censors.  Good luck to Levant on that.


The Moral Case For Free Markets

This has been a popular topic on the Right over the past few weeks, starting I think with Arthur Brooks’s new book on the topic.  The book has drawn a pretty fair amount of attention.

Since then, John Hinderaker notes a Mitt Romney speech, David Weinberger has a good post on the morality of conservatism, and Kevin Williamson has an outstanding post on Detroit’s State-sponsored failure.

As the story goes, Mises blew apart socialism with his Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth and his subsequent, aptly-titled book, but it was Hayek’s moral case which we tend to cite more.  Technical arguments are important, but moral arguments sway people more.

Powershell: Scheduled Tasks With Excel Fail

I have a Powershell script which performs some data collection, dumps it into Excel, formats the Excel data, and e-mails that spreadsheet.  This script worked just fine when I ran it live, but it just wouldn’t work as a scheduled task.  It wasn’t that the scheduled task failed as such; it just never finished.

While looking this up, I found an interesting article which notes that you need to make sure that you de-allocate variables before trying to quit Excel.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t the answer—I was already closing everything down.

It took a while, but I found several answers…none of which really seemed satisfying.

The real fix is that you need to add a missing folder.  Add a blank folder named Desktop in C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\.  For x64 systems, also add a Desktop folder to C:\Windows\sysWOW64\config\systemprofile\.  After you add that folder, your scheduled tasks will work correctly—Excel (and other Office products) will close as expected and all is well.

Contempt For Holder

The House Oversight committee voted for contempt charges against Eric Holder.  Fast and Furious is getting pretty fast and furious.  Paco’s been good at rounding up information on this scandal.

Mickey Kaus makes fun of Eugene Robinson.  John Hinderaker points out Eric Holder’s poor legal scholarship, stating that typically, when your argument for executive privilege is so poor, it usually indicates that you’re struggling to cover up something important.

Let’s look at the bright side, though:  I’m sure that this has been great for Mexican-American relations.