Banking Deregulation

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry makes the case for a deregulation of the entire financial system, as well as some external limitations on how large a bank can become.

I’m always sympathetic to deregulation, especially massive deregulation, and his plan seems pretty good to me.  I don’t know if the old partnership model would necessarily work as well as he suggests, but I doubt it could be worse than Too Big To Fail.


2 thoughts on “Banking Deregulation

  1. Over a year ago I wrote an article “Regulating financial risks” (it was also reprinted by a couple of financial websites like Stockpedia).

    I stated the obvious, that to fix the financial system:

    – it has to be deregulated (rather than more regulated as it is quite often argued);

    – those running it must take personal responsibility/liability (this can be achieved for example by partnerships, abut there are other legal forms that can do this too).

    Today I have read your blog post which repeated my core arguments (without giving credit to the real source, i.e. myself).

    Well, draw your own conclusions…


    Greg Pytel

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