Various Curmudgeonly Notes



You may have heard, at this point, that Washington got the #2 draft pick from St. Louis for their first rounder this year, the first round pick in 2013 and 2014, and a second round pick this year. They will almost certainly take Robert Griffin III. While the Browns were heavily favored to grab the pick, that’s obviously not going to happen. Still, there are other players the Browns could go after, even keeping Colt McCoy. It’s not the end of the world.

Or is it?

According to AFC North blogger Jamison Hensley, the Browns should now just curl up in a ball and die. We’ve lost out on the greatest quarterback the universe has ever seen, apparently. Despite the fact he has thrown exactly zero NFL passes, that players with great tools have failed in the past, and that the Browns still have two first round picks, there is clearly no point to playing any games this season.

Look, I get it. QBs are kind of important in a modern NFL offense. I’ll even grant you that Colt McCoy is probably not a franchise QB. Calling not drafting a gifted QB “devastating”, however, is a bit much, when the Browns can use the draft to retool the entire team. RGIII may lead Washington to multiple Super Bowls; he may also blow out his knee walking onto the stage at the NFL draft.

EDIT: Terry Pluto gets it.