A USB Pen Drive

While at my forensics course a couple of weeks ago, the other guy in my class pulled out a USB stick and showed off some tools on there.  He built it using YUMI, over at Pen Drive Linux, and I’ve taken some time to do the same.  The process for creating a bootable USB stick is easy, and I’ve loaded my drive with goodies, including:

  • Windows 7 (using a valid copy I own; you need to provide your own ISO)
  • Backtrack 5
  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • Knoppix 6.7.1
  • Peppermint Two
  • Ophcrack
  • Ultimate Boot CD
  • Acronis anti-malware scanner
  • Kaspersky virus scanner
  • Trinity Rescue Kit
  • Gparted
  • Clonezilla
  • AVG anti-virus scanner
  • Memtest 86+
  • FreeDOS
  • Tails

On top of that, I have some forensics and analysis tools on the stick, in case I’m somewhere without an internet connection and need to do some repair or analysis.  I like the idea of having most of my tools available on one bootable USB stick, rather than a pack of DVDs.

I really wanted to put DEFT Linux on this stick, but YUMI does not support it at this time.  Instead, you can use the Universal USB Installer to create a single-app bootable stick.  After running that, DEFT 7 loaded just fine.  Unfortunately, its ISO is just over 2 GB, meaning you’ll need a 4 GB stick to get the full kit on there.

Another difficulty I’ve had is with getting additional bootable ISOs up and running.  For example, I wanted to get BartPE and a Windows 7 repair disc as well, but this didn’t work quite as I’d like.

Incidentally, if you get a weird syslinux error in YUMI stating that An error(1) occurred while executing syslinux. Your USB drive won’t be bootable, make sure that your USB stick is formatted as FAT32.  If in doubt, just let YUMI format the stick for you.


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