Geeks In Space (And Other Security News)

  • I like the idea of sending up satellites to combat censorship.  More information here and here.  Governments should not be the only entities controlling satellites—that is, unless you want to have space remain as relatively stagnant as it has been the last half-century.  My concern would be overtly criminal activity happening through these satellites—child pornography and the like.  But the current equilibrium is that “there can be child pornography” implies that “government must have the ability to do whatever it wants.”  The federal government can shut down sites at will, and they make mistakes (or sometimes “mistakes”).
  • UPromise, you’re doing it wrong.  You can also read the FTC settlement.  John Pescatore, on the SANS security newsletter, writes, “The lack of ‘clearly disclosing … data collection practices’ is just as serious an issue as not encrypting the collected data.”  The organization was collecting usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and the like, and not telling anybody about this.
  • Protect intellectual property, except from government officials.
  • SEAndroid.  Nice.  Even if I never get a phone with this particular kit, there should be good knock-on effects as a result of publishing the specs.
  • Secure your phone and PCs the Scott Hanselman way.  There’s nothing here that isn’t novel, but it is solid advice.