The secret to the passing game’s (lack of) success

Read an interesting article from the Plain Dealer’s Terry Pluto. When I saw bullet point #1 and #3, I said “Ah hah! That explains a lot!” Those bullet points?

1. Guess which NFL team leads the league with 23 dropped passes? Yes, it’s your Cleveland Browns.

3. But 23 drops is four more than any other team — Miami and Chicago are next with 19. In a West Coast offense where the accent is on yards after catch (YAC), you need to catch it first.

The Browns now have an excuse for ignoring RTFBS, since the best RB on the team is hurt, the second best is also hurt, and the third best has been on the IR since the preseason. Still, Peyton Hillis was barely used even when healthy, and that’s why Colt McCoy has had to try so hard to pass.

Who is to blame? Well, Colt doesn’t throw to his TEs very much. Evan Moore has a 71% catch rate; Ben Watson has a 53% catch rate, which is less impressive. But he would still be the second best receiver on the team! Greg Little and Josh Cribbs are just over 50% ; MoMass is just under 50%.

That’s pitiful. You may say, “But Penguatroll, Larry Fitzgerald has a 48% catch rate!” I reply, “And he’s still better than every Cleveland receiver combined.”

Before we use eight games to say “Colt McCoy is the worst Cleveland QB evar!!!!!!!” I remind you of three things: 1) He’s still very young, 2) Jake Delhomme, 3) Derek Anderson (except 2007). With some decent talent around him? I’m not saying he’s Drew Brees, or even Drew Bledsoe. But he’s far better than Drew Henson.