Hopefully the end of the Hillis saga

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Madden cover curse, only for Peyton Hillis, it’s affected his brain. The Browns, apparently, are done. The reporter suggests Hillis might get cut this season, which would be great news for Montarrio Hardesty if he weren’t also injured. Our third string running back didn’t make it out of camp (Brandon Jackson), so our running backs are pretty thin.

I’ve tried to defend Hillis on this site and in conversations with friends. It just can’t be done any longer. Instead of rehabbing, he flew back to Arkansas and got married. Mazel tov and all that, but still, that’s an incredibly short sighted decision. I’ve also heard, although can’t/am too lazy to confirm, that it was a shotgun wedding anyway.

There seems to be some sort of allergy to drafting running backs high in the draft in Cleveland; at least we tried (kind of) with highly drafted QBs. We’ve tried a number of stop gaps since early 2001, some of whom worked well (Jamal Lewis, Reuben Droughns), some of whom didn’t (William Green, Lee Suggs). The only one drafted in the first round was Green, whose off-the-field shenanigans derailed a possibly promising NFL career.

I’m not ready to write off Colt McCoy yet, because he’s in the same situation Tim Couch was years ago; good QB, bad supporting cast. Colt has to win or lose each game by himself, which he’s just not capable of doing by himself.

Peyton Hillis was a wonderful pickup for the Browns, an unexpected treat salvaged out of a bad situation. The Browns have a good-to-great defense right now; let’s work on the offense in this next draft, shall we?


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